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We price match!

There's no worse feeling than paying for a product only to find that exact same product for half the price! That's why we're proud to be one of the only web design companies in Houston to offer price matching for our Website Packages!  We currently don't offer price matching for any other service other than web design.

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Does what I'm looking at qualify?

1. Send us a screenshot or link to the webpage that offers the price and package that you're interested in price matching.

2. We'll review it to see if it qualifies for our standards.

What happens if it qualifies?

Should the competing offer qualify, we'll reach out to you with an updated quote and any stipulations that may come with it!

What if it only partially qualifies?

Many times we see similar packages being offered from competing design companies. For instance, they may offer identically the same package other than the amount of stock imagery available or plus or minus one page. If what we're comparing doesn't result in a perfect comparison, we'll adjust our price and offer the same package as our competition.

Our Standards

  • Type of website (ECommerce/Personal/Small Business)

  • Same/Similar quality of page production

  • Same/Similar quality of copy writing

  • Amount of pages offered in the web package

  • Amount of stock photos allowed

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