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3 Simple Tricks to Creating a Timeless Logo

Timeless, simple, and effective.

What's the first brand that comes to mind when you think of logos? If you're thinking Nike or Apple, you wouldn't be alone. There's a reason why so many people recognize these simple logos in the blink of an eye and it isn't just because of their influence.


1. Keep it simple.

Memorable logos are never convoluted. You've heard it said a thousand times, but it can't go overstated: the simpler the better. When branding your company it always helps to imagine what your logo will look like in various real-life applications. How will it display on business cards? Laptops? Smartphones? T-shirts? A good rule of thumb is if your logo can't be shrunk down to look well even around a ballpoint pen it probably needs to be redesigned.

2. Does it work in Black and White?

Imagine trying to fit your purple, yellow, and red logo on a green shirt. If your primary logo relies on color make sure that it would also look great in solid black and white. 9 times out of 10 if it doesn't - the logo isn't ready and you'll have to jump through a lot of unnecessary hoops to get your logo to match with various backgrounds in the future. You'll save yourself a ton of headache designing something that works in a variety of colors or patterns and it'll leave you room for future tweaks and updates down the road.

3. Avoid looking like the competition.

Too often we see companies in the same industries with extremely similar logos. Google is your friend! Start by looking at extremely successful businesses to spot any trends that you'll want to avoid. Then, take a look at your local businesses as well. Avoid overused and generic looking logos that have absolutely no ingenuity. Go for something that translates your brand in a unique way but always keep in mind your audience.

Well, what do we have here?


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